Camp Testimonials

My daughter, Emily, had the very best weeks of her entire summer attending  your camp!!!! She absolutely loved it! Emily treasured the environment, the trainers, the dogs and most of all, the horses!! In one day, she rode 5 different horses……she came away from a week spent at your camp full of confidence in her riding skills and told me she’s not afraid to cantor or jump anymore! Your program was really well rounded and not only fun for her but helped expand her horseback riding skills and more importantly her confidence and capacity to handle all your horses.  She told me and I quote “when this week is over, I’m going to be in a really sad because I don’t want it to end!” She is now counting down the days to come back to your second week of camp. I will definitely be registering Emily for your 2014 program asap. Thank you so much!


Catherine Elliot