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StoneGait was recently featured by the Elli Davis Team as one of Toronto's Top Stables! The review was published in the June issue of "The Post" Magazine in Toronto.    Click the picture below to read full article. 

An article by Kyle Ecclestone, and published in 2010 in Snap Newspaper and The Toronto Star



"A Sport For Two"

Inspiring, Nurturing, Caring- these are just a few of the many characteristics horses exhibit which ultimately define them as therapeutic caregivers to a large portion of the public around York Region and the GTA. As the founder of StoneGait, it has been proven to me that the benefits and overall outcome of riding extend far beyond the simple pleasures of horses. The high degree of cooperation, in combination with the strong sense of responsibility, it instills in growing children and young adults alike is overwhelming. The sense of maturity and confidence kids develop from exposure to horses sets them far ahead of their years. Horses also have a positive impact on adults struggling through hard times in their lives, whether it be caused by personal relationships or stress generated in their workplace. Ultimately the calm, nurturing demeanor of horses has a therapeutic effect on humans which quite often proves to be life changing.

Riders of all ages learn valuable life skills from the horses and the sport. Goal-setting is just one of the many valuable life skills riders inherit from the sport. Not only riders training horses for competitive purposes develop strong goal-setting skills. Even young children learning to ride begin setting goals for themselves as they learn the basics to riding. In addition to goal-setting, riders also learn how to deal with different human emotions including frustration and anger. Just like any sport riding can prove to be challenging, and ultimately frustrating from time to time. However the gentle, therapeutic nature of horses not only calms us but essentially helps us deal with life in a healthier way.

Within the past ten years the sport has drastically diversified, with people from all walks of life now getting into the exciting sport of horseback riding. Many riding schools, such as ours, now cater their riding programs to the general public and families. A greater emphasis on horsemanship and horse wellness has also been integrated into such programs. These programs continue to teach growing young adults how to be responsible, respectable individuals.

For many people, an afternoon of watching equestrian sport is enough to inspire them to jump on a horse themselves. Whether it be in the show ring or on the trails, riding is an exciting activity, combining relaxation with exhilaration. It is never too late to indulge in the world of horses! If horses and riding are of interest to you, wait no longer- get involved with the sport today while exposing yourself to the fun and joy of horses.