StoneGait Testimonials

I have had the pleasure of knowing Kyle for more than five years now. He first coached my daughter when she was only eight years old. His perception and enthusiasm coupled with his keen eye and appreciation and understanding of all things equine made him an exceptional instructor. I’ve seen him coach many riders of varying ages and abilities over the years and he is always able to relate to and communicate effectively with his students. The joy of riding is fostered in every lesson taught. To this day I credit Kyle entirely for instilling in my daughter the confidence she needed to pursue her dream of competing on the Trillium Circuit.

Kyle is an exceptionally intelligent, hard-working and independent young man. He possesses a sense of maturity and insight which far surpasses his years. He is highly knowledgeable on a variety of subjects and is particularly proficient and visionary in the areas of business and equine management. He has taken his personal passion for horses and earned himself a solid reputation in the industry based on his focus, knowledge and dedication. StoneGait is a facility which meets the needs of various equestrian enthusiasts in an environment which is as welcoming as it is exceptionally attractive and well run.

Kyle is loyal to and supportive of the many riders, coaches and parents who cross his path. I feel very fortunate to have had Kyle coach my impressionable young daughter and more importantly, I am honoured to call him my friend.

Arlene Boultbee